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Some time ago, yang mi wei da-hoon romance revelations can be said to be noisy, although the two sides did not publicly admit, but cannot stop eating melon people gossip heart. Recently, in the release of the film \"dear, good new year \", the host asked wei daxun:\" in real life, do you feel that girls [age] is a little more obstacle?\"


A time to cause countless CP powder carnival, this is not in the dark rub of the response and yang mi love? However, some netizens said that in the film Wei Daxun and Bai Baihe played a sister-in-law lovers, responding only to the film content. Whether it's film publicity or suspected admission, female stars seem to be more and more willing to try sister-in-law love.


Before meeting Wang Xiaofei, Big S had been a hot female star on both sides of the strait, and with the \"fir dish\" corner in Meteor Garden, it became the goddess in the hearts of countless young boys and girls. In 2010, after only four meetings with wang xiaofei, the two were married. Their marriage has been subjected to public opinion malice, has been labeled \"clinging to the rich \",\" mother-in-law discord \",\" mind in place\" and so on. But in the 2018 variety \"Happiness Trio,\" we saw two people full of happiness.


When Sha Yi had just become popular with the Legend of Wulin, Hu Ke had become a household name with Fast Mouth Li Cuilian, Beijing Hua Yan Yun and 18 Luo Han. In 2009, the two met on the interview show and, a few months later, worked together on the TV series as a couple.


After falling in love with each other, Hu Ke once minded his big Sha Yi 3 years old, always worried about no future. Fortunately, Sha Yi did not worry, with their own gentle and considerate, a little to dispel her doubts. Now, the two are not only as sweet as before, but also gave birth to Angie and little fish two lively and lovely children, a happy family.


On top of that, there is a nine-year gap between Jia Jingwen and Shu Jiekai, Zhong Liti and Zhang Lunshuo, who are 11 years apart, and a seven-year gap between Lin Zhiling and Hezawa Liangping. Data show that 10 years ago,68% of \"big men and small women\" and 14% of \"big men and small women\" were married; today,43% of \"big men and small women\" and 40% of \"big men and small women \". The traditional concept of marriage and marriage is being subverted. Why, then, are more and more modern women willing to try on siblings?


Women's economic independence is an important reason for this phenomenon. In the old concept of marriage and marriage, marrying is the second reincarnation of a woman. Compared to younger brother, like mature and steady, have economic base uncle has more advantages. In recent years, with the rise of women's economic independence, more and more women have made no less than men, and they will no longer be anxious to marry themselves out in search of security. Their choice of marriage, more focused on personal feelings, like the most important.


The \"love koi\" Xiao Yaxuan, which was rushed forward by netizens last year, is the best proof. Rich in family background, good-looking and able to sing and dance,22 years old to board the Hong Kong Hung Hom Stadium to watch the concert, have their own company, on the side of the annual income of 100 million.


Since her debut, she has changed 18 boyfriends and is getting younger. The river and lake are spread such a sentence: no one can always be young, but Xiao Yaxuan's boyfriend can.


Chen once said:\" birthday gifts do not have to give, my own house I buy, think very happy.\" Indeed, I will earn bread myself, you just give me love, there is nothing suitable, only I like it or not. People live a lifetime, let oneself happy, happy a little bit again why not?


Young Tommy, unafraid of heaven and earth, loved Simone boldly, warmly and passionately. As long as he fell in love with a woman, regardless of identity and status, as long as determined to engrave her in memory, not afraid of pain, bite teeth to each other's head tattooed on the thigh, even jealous appear so lovely.


Some people say that men are the most exclusive, no matter how old men, are eternally in love with young and beautiful women in their 20s. For women, too. The older a man or a woman is, the more they want to be energized from younger people, as if they were returning to youth. Why can uncle look for little girl, big sister can't look for young brother? What's more, the harvest brother sweet love sister, which is not mature intellectual, still young, and has a unique personality charm?


In fact,\" brother and sister love \"accept or not, this is not to blame. It's not that women must prove that they are independent and strong enough by finding a young partner, but that age is no longer an obstacle to finding love. Beyond age, we think more about whether the three views are consistent. Three views are consistent, not to require that two people are exactly the same, but to be able to understand each other when we think differently.


You like steak, he likes steak. He doesn't think you're faking it, but saves money to enjoy it at a different western restaurant. You like playing games, he likes reading. He doesn't think you're a loser, but he'll cheer you up while you're playing.