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This is the true story of the aviation service business that boeing has been pushing in recent years -- although it may not be able to sell airbus at this stage, it can still \"grab meat\" from the airbus fleet.


Shenzhen Airlines, for example, is China's first airline to use the Boeing crew management system, which is supplied by Boeing subsidiary Jefferson. Boeing and Shenzhen Airlines signed a related agreement in 2018.


The \"unit ring\" mainly helps airlines to create optimized task ring, increase unit efficiency and operational robustness; the \"unit scheduling\" system allows airlines to establish balanced scheduling based on company regulations and individual preferences of crew members, both of which can reduce costs and enhance operational safety.


You may be able to respond to this, although the A330 fleet use, but the system itself and the model is not too much, more service to the unit.


According to Boeing, the system is now performing well on the Shenzhen Airlines A330 fleet, and will also be tested on the Shenzhen Airlines fleet of the A320 and B737, which total more than 180 in the first quarter of this year (2020).


But boeing is also facing problems, such as selling aircraft, where boeing and airbus have long established the status of the two giants, and where no big change should be able to hold steady for years.


In september 2019, for example, when boeing released its market forecast for china, it noted that china would need 8090 new planes over the next 20 years, worth $tn, while the market for aviation services was worth $tn.


According to Boeing's division, the aviation service market is mainly divided into four categories:ground and cargo operation service, maintenance and engineering service, flight operation service and marketing, customer support and company service.


In fact, although we have said that boeing's crew management system is actually not much related to aircraft models, like boeing, it also has a few other businesses that involve airbus models.


For example, at the 2019 Paris Air Show, Boeing reached an agreement with British Airways that it would be responsible for providing components to BA's Airbus A320 fleet, the first Boeing deal to support Airbus aircraft.


Perhaps because everyone was accustomed to clear barriers between different manufacturers, boeing's contract with british airways also allowed the media to use \"unprecedented\" descriptions. But at the present pace, we should get used to this kind of barrier-breaking thing.


In fact, airbus is also pushing the layout of the aviation service market, according to netease aviation understand that airbus divided the market into maintenance, training, upgrading and flight operation four blocks. And now airbus is focusing on both pilot training and big data platforms.


In response to BA's choice of Boeing parts for the A320, an Airbus spokesman said:'Airbus can offer similar services to companies like British Airways.